Johan Killian Bathroom Renovation

Mr. Johan Killian contacted us to come out and do a quotation for the renovation of his bathroom. Upon arrival, we met with Mr. Johan one of the friendliest people we have met for a long time.

He showed us the bathroom and also the backstory on why the bathroom had to be changed. It was not only a modernization project but we had to make movement in the bathroom easier. We were requested to remove the bathtub and replace it with a shower.

With some professional input from our side, we advised that we move the bathroom sink and cabinet in next to the shower to open up some floor space in the bathroom.

Besides doing a normal replacement tile we did advise that we use a longer type of tile for the walls giving the walls a sense of height, and larger floor giving the room a sense of size by only changing the type of tile used.

Not only did we change the appearance of the bathroom with new modern fixtures and tiles. We provided the client with the East Rand Plumbing experience. We balanced the bathroom for the client meaning: The hot and cold water pressure is equal and neither one overpowers the other. This is what every bathroom needs.

All in all this was a project that we truly enjoyed working on and the hospitality received from the client and his wife was amazing. We look forward to assisting Mr. Killian in the near future.

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