Mrs. Khanye No Pressure to all of the pressure

Mrs Khanye’s Daughter contacted us thanks to an amazing referral by a happy client. We arranged to meet with Mrs. Khanye on a Sunday at no cost to the client as that is how we show our commitment and confidence to our clients.

Mrs. Khanye explained to us the current problem that they are faced with is little to no water pressure on the premises. The other problem that she was faced with was that she has several tenants renting from her. the problem was that the main supply was a 15mm Polycop pipe. We installed a new 32mm HDPE class 6 pipe to ensure we have volume coming into the premises.

We immediately recommended and water storage tank with a booster pump. As we enjoy planning for the future we installed a larger than normal pump to ensure in future there will be enough water pressure on the premises.

The project started with us excavating a sufficient base area for the tank to be placed on. We excavated it 1000 x 1200 x 200 and reinforced the foundation with steel mesh to ensure there are no problems whatsoever.

Concrete foundation

On completion of the foundation we had to ensure that we have an electrical source installed at the concrete base in order for the booster pump to be powered.

Unlike the previous contractor that worked on the premises we used the correct cable in accordance with SANS codes and we also ensured that all the cable is enclosed in 25mm PVC conduit.

We also installed a weatherproof electrical box with plug on the outside to ensure the plug can be switched off in the event of an emergency.

We then installed our water tank and connected our water supply to a float ball valve to ensure we do not have any water wastage with tanks overflowing. After the tank was installed we opened the water and allowed the tank to fill. We then installed the booster pump turned it on and enjoyed watching the tenants have water inside their houses.

We installed brackets to ensure the pipes are all level and secure to prevent and movement when the pump starts up.

Mrs. Khanye explained that she was tired of wasting money on local companies who do not provide a guarantee on workmanship. We were then requested to install a new door for one of the tenants who wanted to increase the size of their room as they had a baby girl on the way.

These are the types of projects we truly enjoy, where we come to a client for one service or project and we end up doing several projects for them as they are happy with our professionalism and quality workmanship.

Mrs. K, we thank you for trusting us with this project and we hope to provide you with the East Rand Plumbing Experience once again in the near future.

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