Do you have insurance?

Yes, we do have contractor all risk insurance in place which covers the public, clients should workmanship fail and damaged is caused.

Are you available 24/7?

Yes, we do provide emergency after hour service.

Do you have references that you can provide?

Yes, however due to the sensitivity of this information it is provided in formal meeting with clients and not provided over the phone or online to protect this information.

What training and/or membership affiliations do you have that relates to your work?

East Rand Plumbing has been newly registered and is in the process of registering with:


  • PIRB
  • WPC
  • CIDB

Training Accreditations:

  • QCTO
  • CETA
  • TETA
  • DOL

Health and Safety:

Is there anything I should do to maintain my septic system?

Yes. Your septic tank system is a live ecosystem that needs to be maintained. Flushing soapy water down the drain kills the eco system and regular pumping out is required.

Why does plumbers cost so much?

Plumbers are one of the fortunate trades that do work in your house. An inexperienced plumber could cause a lot more damage that fix. Imagine a burst pipe in your roof. It could cause major damage to electrical circuits and also damage all your electronics

Why do i run out of hot water?

This could be due to the size of your geyser, a 150 Litre Geyser should be sufficient for a family of 3 geysers size increase in increments of 50 Litres.

My drains (or toilet) stinks. What can I do?

Most pipes have curves in them to catch trash before it goes to the sewer (like food, grease, or solid waste). You can either take the U-bend apart and clean it, or use bleach or vinegar to break up the gunk. Turn on a fan to suck up the odour.

Why is my geyser making noises?

If your geyser starts making a lot of noise, you’ve probably got serious issues. It could cause a short that blows your circuit breakers. It could also start to build up sediment, which clogs up your water heater and burns excess electricity to heat. You should look at replacing the geyser.

Why do I need a Pressure Control Valve (PCV) or Copper Piping?

It’s important to get the right equipment. When you use water, it’s delivered from a good distance away, and it’s forced via a pressurised system. This pressure can bust low quality pipes and equipment. Having a PCV and quality piping can be the difference reliability and a huge mess.