For all your Maintenance needs planned or unplanned, contact us today to schedule your maintenance call.


Preventative Maintenance

We charge a monthly fee to do preventative maintenance on your plumbing system, which covers the following:

  • Thermostat setting
  • Drain inspections 
  • Faucet Inspections
  • Pipe Inspections for leaks
  • Insulation inspections.

Grease Trap Installation and Maintenance

Grease traps are a legal requirement for the food industries to prevent all the nasty greases and fats from entering the drainage system. We can assist business owners with the installation of the traps as well as cleaning them.

Leak Detection

By using gas or luminous liquid we can identify leaks in the piping system allowing a quick and easy repair of the leak.

Drain Jetting

Drain jetting (or High Pressure Water Jetting) is a highly effective way of clearing drains. Drain rods can be great at clearing a blockage close to the toilet, but a drain jetting hose can extend much farther down the pipe, negotiate bends and exert far more force on the toughest of blockages.

CCTV Drain Inspections

When rodding the drain does not work, we can use a CCTV camera to identify what the problem is. There could be several issues such as collapsed drain, something large stuck in the drain. We can get the problem resolved without hassle.

Other Problems

Contact us and we will send one of our plumbers out to assist you find and resolve the problem.