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East Rand Plumbing a “family-owned and operated company”, established in 2020 with over 20 years of combined experience in the oil and gas, electrical, construction, mining and health and safety industries.

Our business experience, keen customer service skills, compliance with health and safety regulations, and long-term vision will only enhance the value of East Rand Plumbing to its customers and partners. East Rand Plumbing was established to provide quality and cost-effective service to clientele both domestic and industrial whilst ensuring all health and safety standards are adhered to.

Our purpose is to deliver the East Rand Plumbing personalised experience that enriches lives in and around our community.

OUR Emergency Services

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Emergency Service


Once a drain blocks it will push back into your house. This will be at the lowest point and is normally the shower. These blockages can be caused be by the strangest items.


Everyone knows the fear of toilet’s water level rising suddenly. Do not try to flush it again, call us instead to ensure it is unclogged and works perfectly.


Our experienced technicians use the latest acoustic leak detection equipment, listening for the noise created by water leaving the pipe.


There is 1 scenario when it comes to a burst geyser! Your ceiling, walls and floors are seeping in water, call us to get that geyser replaced immediately.


Noticed a spot of water? They tend to get bigger over time. Contact us today to prevent any permanent damage to your home or furniture.


Drain jetting is a highly effective way of clearing drains. Drain rods can be great at clearing a blockage close to the toilet, but a drain jetting hose can extend much farther down the pipe


Drain blocked by a stubborn item or a tree root, contact us today to clear that drain and return normal flow to those drains.


Storm Water Drain jetting (or High-Pressure Water Jetting) is a highly effective way of clearing drains. Drain rods can be great at clearing a blockage close to the source.


When rodding the drain does not work, we can use a CCTV camera to identify what the problem is. There could be several issues such as collapsed drain, something large stuck in the drain.

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