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Drain Blockages & Drain Services

Having a blocked drain is one of the worst things that could happen on your property, and they tend to happen over weekends as Murphy is always at play when we are relaxed. These drain blockages can be caused by roots, too much paper, sanitary items or just by old or damaged drains.

Dealing with the foul smell and unsightly objects floating around can make the toughest of person cringe.

Besides the above problems caused by a blocked drain, there is the health hazards caused by sewage and wastewater. It contains bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses that can cause intestinal, lung, and other infections.

East Rand Plumbing should be your go-to drain clearing company anywhere you are in Gauteng.

Our plumbers have stomachs of steel and will get the problem sorted out for you in no time. Call us for an emergency blocked drain anytime 24/7, 365. We make use of top-quality rotary drain cleaning equipment.

With us your blocked drain is flushed . . .down the drain.

 Alternative Equipment

All our plumbers are also equipped with drain rods, however the machine operated equipment always have better and faster results when it comes to getting the drains cleared for you.

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Drain Service Guarantee

Considering using our drain cleaning services? We offer a 1 month guarantee on unblocked drains and as an addition if the drain were blocked by roots. We offer a 2 month guarantee for a re-occurring root sewer blockage caused by roots growing back. Contact us today for Drain unblocking services you can trust, offering guaranteed results and value for money!

Please refer to our terms and conditions with regards to our drain guarantee.

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