Drain CCTV Camera Inspections

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Drain CCTV Camera Inspections

East Rand Plumbing and Construction uses the latest CCTV technology for drain inspections this ensures that your residence is not damaged to try and pinpoint where the drain is damaged. Don’t have someone start digging up your lawn to try and find where the drain problem is.

East Rand Plumbing and Construction will provide you with the required video footage as well as a detailed report explaining what the condition of your drain system is.

Drain CCTV Camera Inspections are the best value for money when it come to the condition of drains as you never know what is happening underground.

The drain camera’s flexible head is put into an underground drain during a drain examination. The camera is launched into the drain and broadcasts a live video feed of the status of the drain throughout this process. By doing this, we can pinpoint the exact location and nature of the issue and prevent expensive, pointless excavations.

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