Geyser Installation and Repairs

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Geyser Installation and Repairs

Geysers do not always give you an indication that it is about to burst or start leaking, performing frequent inspections on your geyser will ensure any leaks could be identified before they become a major issue.

Always ensure that a registered plumber replaces your geyser. This will ensure that they geyser installation is done according to SANS 10254. This requires that your geyser have the following components installed:

East Rand Plumbing and Construction only make use of Kwikot geysers. They provide you the consumer with a 5-year warranty and they have an excellent warranty division where if they geyser bursts within 5 years they will send out a team to take care of the problem at no cost to you.

No hot water?

Contact East Rand Plumbing and Construction for any and all geyser installations and repairs. If you do not have any hot water, it could be one of the following parts that could have broken.

When the thermostat, or element gives in we replace both as a standard. The other item normally breaks after replacing the other.

Water coming from overflow?

Hot water – This is normally the safety valve that has become faulty and can be replaced by a qualified plumber.

Cold water – This is normally the pressure reducing valve that has become faulty and can be replaced by a qualified plumber.

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