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Leak Detection Services

High monthly water bill? Concerned you might have a leak? As the saying goes prevention is better than cure. As soon as you realize there is an increase in water usage you should contact East Rand Plumbing and Construction to assist with Leak Detection Services.

Due to pipes running through ducts, walls, ceilings, and floors a burst pipe could result in serious damage which could have been prevented.

Our trained and competent leak detection teams will pinpoint your leak in no time.

Who’s going to fix the problem?? East Rand Plumbing and Construction will give you a quote immediately to repair the issue to prevent any further damage allowing you to rest easy knowing the issue has been taken care of.

We make use of the latest technology in Leak Detection:

East Rand Plumbing and Construction prides itself in cost effective, quality service delivery and always endeavor to solve a client’s problems!

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Do not wait for even further damage due to a fear of costing, contact us today for professional leak detections services.

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