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The terms and conditions set out in this document is to be read in conjuction with the quotation that has been provided by East Rand Plumbing and Construction. This document has been developed to highligh what is covered with quotations and to prvent confusion when works are performed.

Please read through this document thoroughly and sign once completed. By signing this document you agree to be bound by these terms and you will adhere to them.


  • In Writing – Means any form of writing which includes social media messaging such as whatsapp and facebook.
  • ERP & C – Means East Rand Plumbing and Construction
  • PRC – Pressure Reducing Valve
  • SANS – South African National Standards

Plumbing Points

When East Rand plumbing and construction quotes on plumbing points it only covers the plumbing material in the wall. Angle valves, mixers, traps, flexi pipes is to be provided by the client unless otherwise agreed in writing.

ERP & C does not provide any sanitrary ware on quotations such as baths, mixers, shower heads, toilets unless agreed in writing with the client.

Moving of client property

You as the client is responsible to move all you furniture from the work area. This includes but is not limited to televisions, couches, coffee tables, speakers etc. East Rand Plumbing and Construction will not move any furniture on behalf of the client. Should any property be damaged whilst works are taking place ERP & C will not take responsibility for any damage caused.

Tiling Works 

Tiling works are performed by competent tilers, the cost of tiling does not include the price of material such as tile adhesive, strips, grout. Unless agreen in writing prior to works commencing.

  • Mosaic Tiles – The client needs to understand that installing mosaic tiles are quite a process. Odd shape tiles need to be cut to fit perfectly into an area. Cutting these tiles will result in a lot of wastage. ERP & C will not refund the client on tile wastage. ERP & C will not mix and match tiles as this will prolong the installation.
  • Mosaic and Standard Tiles Price Difference – The price of installing standard tiles and mosaic tiles are not the same. The client needs to specify should mosaic tiles be installed. If the quotation does not specify mosaic tiles the it is not quoted on.
  • Tile Skirtings – Tile skirtings are not automatically included in the tiling price unless it is agreed in writing. Should the client require tile skirting to be installed after the initial quotation it shall be quoted seperately.

Chipping of tiles 

Our plumbers will do our utmost best when we need to open a tiled area to access pipes. However, we cannot plan for how a tile will break when we chip open an area to access a pipe or a tap. Should the tile sustain damage whilst chipping we cannot be held liable for the damage. We can replace the tile if the client has tiles available. The client will cover the costs for the tiler and the tile adhesive required.

Demolition Works 

As mentioned in section 6. With regards to chipping, the same principle applies. Whilst doing deomiltion work we some pipes might be damaged which we will repair to ensure water supply to the house is not interrupted. We might come across other issues whilst removing a bath or even removing tiles such as a lower floor level than the rest of the floor or cavities inside the wall. We can fix these issues quite easily however they will be for the customers account.

Client Tampering 

Once work has been done on site and the client makes any form of changes whatsoever such as changing the colour of the tile grout or moving a point the client will take responsibility for those changes. Any and all works done outside of scope will be billed for unless agreed in writing.

Geyser Installations 

Geyser installations are a like for like change in general unless otherwise agreed in writing. Geyser installations do not include the changed of the Pressure Reducing Valve. Should our staff find the PRV needs to be replaced they we will advise accordingly and the additional cost will be for the clients account.

ERP & C is required to do a geyser installation accordance to SANS 10254 which includes a drip tray, bonding strips, isolator switch, vacuum breakers etc. Should the installation not have the required components we will advise the client of this and all extra components installed will be billed for,

ERP & C use kwikot geysers 99% of the time. Should the geyser not fit through the trap door. We will remove the trap door to take the geyser through the door. Should the geyser still not fit the geyser will need to be re-routed to the outside of the building. This will be at an extra charge for the customer.

Additional Problems 

ERP & C as a professional service provider takes pride in our works. There is a 99% probability of additional issues coming to light whilst works are taking place.

It is our duty to inform the client of such issues. It remains the clients responsibility to decide if the damages should be repaired or if the system should be made to work. In some cases there is no other options and whatever the issue may be has to be replaced such as a main water line.

Repaired – We will provide the client with a quotation to repair the damages and this will be for the clients account.

Made to work – The client will cover the extra cost for the labour to make the system work. However threre will be no guarantee provided on making the system work.

Payment Terms 

Payment terms are provided on the quotations. Standard payment terms are as follows:

70% Deposit – This is payable on acceptance of the quotation and the signing of the terms and conditions.

20% Progress Payment – Once 70% project progress has been made on site this is payable.

10% Final Payment – Once the project has been completed and works has been signed off the final payment is due.

All material and equipment remains the property of East Rand Plumbing and Construction and can be removed from site should payments not be made. The re-installation of these items will be for the cost of the client.Note: East Rand Plumbing and construction reserve the right to ammend payment terms in order to sercure material. Material is often a higher cost than the labor.

Health and Safety File and Compliance 

No quotations include the cost for a health and safety file, Safety Officer or any specific health and safety training or personal protective equipment. All health and safety items can be provided at an additional charge should it be required by the clients.

Time of completion 

Time is of the essence. Work shall be started and performed in accordance with terms hereof and of any applicable specifications and shall be completed on or before the date set forth in the letter of acceptance – starting time is negotiable. East Rand Plumbing will do its best efforts to ensure that work is started on or around the requested date, failing and a mutually convenient time will be scheduled. All work commence, progress and completion is subject to weather conditions.


All quanities on quotation are provisional and will be subject to re-measuring  or counting on completion of work. Any and all adjustments upon completion will be for the Client’s cost.

Insurance and Indemnity

Should the client’s property be damaged during construction a meeting between yourselves and ourselves must be held before work re-commences.

Note: All staff are trained to take photos of the premises before any work is performed.


No allowances have been made in this quotation for services, i.e. water, electricity, toilet and ablutions/change room facilities etc. This is to be provided free of charges by the client.

Cleaning of work area

East Rand Plumbing and construction will clean the work area as best as possible. It should however be noted that East Rand Plumbing and Construction is not a cleaning company. The client is still required to ensure the house is cleaned thoroughly after work has been completed.

A cleaning team can be supplied at an additional cost to the client.

Late payments and penalties

Interest at prime plus 2% will be levied on all late payments and outstanding amounts.


East Rand Plumbing supervisor is required to provide a client with a work completion document on a daily basis. All snags are to be documented on the document daily. Once work has been signed off it is taken that work is complete and no further work will be done on that item.

COC’s Electrical and Plumbing

East Rand Plumbing and Construction reserve the right to withold all COC’s until work has been completed and the final payment has been made from the client. Clients are required to indicate that a COC is required as they are not provided with all work that is conducted.

If the quotation does not contain a line item for COC’s it is not included in the quotation and will be billed as a separate item. Unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Leak Detection Services

  • In order to qualify for the root blockage, guarantee the entire sewer line has to be cleared using the drain machine ensuing that there are no additional roots remaining in the line that could cause a blockage within the given timeframe this could result in additional time required on site.
  • East Rand Plumbing need to clear the entire line from where we enter the drain up to the maintenance hole to ensure the object is cleared from the line and has not set in a different section of the line this could result in additional time required on site.
  • No guarantee will be provided in the event of the sewer line being damaged or broken which causes the drain to block continuously.
  • East Rand Plumbing reserve the right to turn down the guarantee if we find that the drain was purposefully blocked i.e:
    • Foreign objects found in drain such as bottles, plastic, cans, sanitary items, cloth etc.
    • If a large amount of toilet paper is flushed down the line.
    • If a different section of drain is blocked i.e., on the other side of the maintenance hole
  • East Rand Plumbing reserves the right to request the customer do a CCTV inspection on the account of the customer to ensure that the drain is in a good condition after cleaning or to determine the cause of the continuous blockage.
  • The above guarantees apply to domestic customers only, please contact us for more information on commercial or industrial sewers and drains.

Drain Installation & Repairs Guarantee

  • Guarantees are only provided where the entire drain has been replaced.
  • No guarantee will be provided on sectional replacements or repairs
  • Drains blocked by foreign objects such as excess paper, plastic, cans, sanitary items are not covered under the guarantee.
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